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Teamwork and efficient development (Opening)
Shengyou Fan Laravel Dojo Founder
Lenny Chuang iFit CIO
James Liu Cool3c Chief Engineer
Maras Chan 4Gamers Backend Developer
Mouson Chan Novax Technologies Senior System Analyst
Fripig Cool3c Engineer
Yun Chan LnB WEB Developer
lunch Lunch
Randy Hsieh The News Lens IT/UI Director
c9s x Recca Tsai
Miles Chou 104 Corporation
Yish Lai
CQD KKBOX Assistant Manager of Software Architecture Design Department
tea-time Afternoon Tea
Panel Discussion
Maras Chan 4Gamers Backend Engineer
Recca Tsai
Lenny Chuang iFit CIO
Adam Lin HiSKIO Funder
Ethan Huang HiSKIO Funder
Cara Wang cnYES Senior Engineer
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After Party
Agenda Introduction
Discuss the thoughts and processes of iFit x ECFIT when importing Laravel framework from the perspective of the rapid growth of new start-up
Through the development and growth of new startup iFit, which is the main goal and orientation of original content, community and business, the original development team was introduced into the Laravel development framework during the rapid development and growth over the past four years. Considerations and goals, as well as the problems and solutions encountered in the import process, and finally share the latest online release in 2017, developed by Laravel + Vue.js, "ECFIT third-party warehouse system and electronic invoice value-adding center", the SaaS platform's important functions and features.
Laravel Storage X GCS applied in cross-platform
Introduce how Laravel Storage manages static files in websites more easily, and uses Google cloud storage to share files between front and back ends.
Laravel single page apllication and separate development of frontend and backend
Share how to develop a website with Laravel, separate frontend and backend from projects, and let frontend and backend engineers can focus on their professional programming languages.
Eloquent database layer core deconstruction enable Laravel support more database
Using the Laravel framework in a project is a enjoyable thing. However, what if the project restricts use of a database that is not officially supported by Laravel, but wants to develop with Laravel? This topic will lead everyone to work together on Eloquent's core deconstruction of the database layer, so that everyone has a deeper understanding of its core.
Apply Evnet and Queue in Laravel
Laravel has built-in Event and Queue. The document only mention what can be done without providing how it can be used in practice. Therefore, I would like to talk about how to use and what issues may encounter, and how to use Event and Queue to decentralize the workflow.
Practical TDD: Order Status
Often distressed by how to translate spec into code? Is there really no end to the program? Do you quarrel over frequently because someone else changes your code causes problems? Getting tired of coping with the rapid modification of spec? We will demonstrate how to quickly develop a simple order status process with TDD and Laravel so that you can deal with these issues to some extent. This topic will include a simple CMS that surrounds user, order, and product. Through the interaction of these three Models to demonstrate how Laravel writes tests and developments elegantly.
Face high flow - Large flow strategy in Laravel
Using a sentence to describe the flow of media sites is like riding a high roller coaster. You never know that the next second of surprise will be more exciting. I hope to share my experience with three years of experience as a technical staff in newly-born media. I would like to share with you how to build a website that can withstand monthly traffic of 10 million under limited capital. Besides, discussing the key commentary network has changed from its inception until now, and in the torrential flow of many technical frameworks, how to anchor the ship in the framework of Laravel? Hopefully, you can break the public's doubts about the effectiveness of the Laravel framework, and share with you how to deal with unexpected large-scale attacks through third-party tools and website cache planning. I wish that all developers can feel the dawn.
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Horizontal extension PHP application process - Use Maghead database framework
As your applications become more popular, with more traffic and data, and as your database gets overloaded, you may need to start using "Sharding" to expand your system. Sharding is a method of splitting a single logical data set horizontally into different data bases. Divide the data level to different hosts so that the cluster system can store more data and handle more service requests. The current solution still needs to be closely integrated with the application. It also needs to be considered at the initial stage to achieve good flexibility. The topic will briefly introduce the mainstream sharding schemes and practices in the current market, and introduce Maghead, a pure PHP development database framework to integrate Laravel's applications.
Use Docker to integrate Laravel and improve team development efficiency
Through Docker, Laravel can integrate additional services such as Postgres or Elasticsearch, allowing developers to set the environment in the shortest possible time. Of course, not only that, we can also quickly integrate testing and deployment through Docker container technology, and combine Facebook or Line Bot notifications to notify developers the test success or failure.
Continuous Delivery:the last mile of Agile development
Software that is developed by developers's hard work and finally pass the verification of testers, but as long as the it's not online, it cannot produce any value. Therefore, how to quickly verify the software and online deliver it to users should be a priority for the enterprise. This agenda will introduce the spirit of continuous delivery (CD) and its importance, and share relevant practical experiences.
Build Laravel elegant architecture - Discuss maintainability and elastic design
In order to quickly develop and respond to changes in business strategies in the future, what design methods and architectures should be used to maintain maintainability, readability, and elasticity? Through the actual case and situation, the advantages of the step-by-step description and adoption are explained, and the importance of the situation and the way of thinking of the design method are explained. Architectural and graceful design methods keep the program highly flexible and maintainable, making requirements and modifications no longer a painful indicator.
Teamwork of KKBOX
The number of engineers at KKBOX has expanded by several times in just three years. How can we effectively work together and not resent each other under the situation of a sudden increase in the number of people?